Discount problem:

Maybe you are more interested in how to buy products with lower prices and get more discounts. You have three choices:

First of all, if your order quantity is large, then we will give corresponding discount according to your order quantity.

Secondly, if it is a long-term partner, we will also give you the best price, which is the so-called small profit but quick turnover.

Thirdly, we have different preferential activities every Friday. If you can place an order on Friday, we will give you a discount of $5 to $500. Of course, it depends on the quantity of your order and the product you order.

Finally, if you can recommend your friends and relatives to buy from us, you can get a $3 discount for each product they buy. For example, if your recommended friend a orders us a pair of shoes, a handbag, a Bluetooth headset and a pair of sunglasses, you can get a $12 discount on your next order. This means that if you have more references and they buy more products, you can get the products you want without spending money.

 Thank you for your patience!